Set In Stone


I have come from a faraway land
To fight my enemies and claim what belongs to me
As I swear revenge, I shall have the head
Of the one that slew my love so brutally

Where the blood of the ones who died in vain
Slowly flows into the stream of memories
Moments shared so lovingly shall remain eternally

Songs of battles so grim and epic fights
Our warcries proudly sounding in the fading light
As the sun has set, and the night awakes
We shall march towards our fate

For now it's time for another war
One that rages more than all the ones before
Fighting like there will not be a morn'
If I die, I'd proudly fall
I would proudly fall for you

Where the hammer strikes first
My rage shall shake the ground
Merciless into the fray

The northern winds blow coldest as the storm is raging on
Yet my heart tells me this is my only home
Though I have come from lands below
My heart is bound to (these) hills and (their purest white) snow
This is where I belong

And yet I stand alone at dawn
A shadow of the man I've known in another life
The virgins snows falling from the morning sky
Covers the words carved on my stone

From the moment we were born
Our doom has been decreed
No glorious end to this lost battle
Our fate is set in stone

Time is stolen, not granted
In vain is all achieved in this life
To dust all this will crumble
In the end everything dies
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