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Night Veils

Eternal Sorrow

The wolves howl for Moon's masterpiece.
Seduction of the cruelty cutted lips.
Hate and love in raw meat.
Burning and bloody kisses.
The candles´ flames illuminates your body, in hay bed, lying you. My eyes reflects your face, between flames and scythes, mouldy honor.
Involving enchantment of the spells and lights.
Torment silence of the insane mind.
The predictive legend of prayers and crosses, delirium and ecstasy of the profane meat.
The night veils had covered your bright.
Passion broken for the wire of the razor, your faith were your proper gag and your desire weaved your shroud.
Skin torned for the fate's nails, blood in the mouth, pleasure, pain. Tears of lust, instinct. The loss on the love's creed.

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