AK Spray

Flesh N Bone

-Intro-Spice 1-
(Rainstorm) Burn. Yeah (Yeah, all these fat-ass police are stupid ass motherfuckers. Blaw! Suck a fat ass dick)

-Flesh n Bone-Chorus-
Tell me what you gon' do when the pump kill you, pump in when the 12 guage dumps in a hell-a-destruction/ We kill 'em with ak spray (Blaw, blaw... buck) Bitches get fucked give it up

-Spice 1-
With an infared buck in the head I got the Feds on my nutsac walkin' dead I'm world wide get the 50 Cal smokin' a blunt killin' 'em all fuckin' peelin' 'em off/ Finna put 'em in the coffin/ I stay strapped together, never let a nigga get to dumpin' jumpin' up outta the hooptie with the fully automatic on me, O-G Mr. Bossalini/ That chico she show, it's Milty/ Motherfuckers try but can't see me/ It's just another episode of killa-gangsta mode and keep a strap on the side/ Well they be seppin' a code, a motherfucker wanna blast me/ I'd put your booze where your mouth is cuz I be runnin' up in houses

-Flesh n Bone-
Surprise niggas the guages blowed up on 'em showed up, but what's up, with the fist full of knuckles bitch/ You wanna fuck with me better hit not miss me, if you try/ Why not snap with a cap back if you wanna come one time/ I'm used being cuffed and strapped, bluff, bluff, bluff don't fuck with me/ Come, come again, test me now/ Wuz crackin' tell me what's happenin' come meet my people/ Well c'mon, nice to meet you/ Greet when they come to the door to Cleveland, head for the hospital/ I do's what I gotta do, rob you fools jack move shit/ I do's what I gotta do, if I gotta rob you fools jack move/ I do's what I gotta do, even if I gotta rob you fools jack move/ Gotta work that job with gats and tools with nothin' to lose


-Outro-Spice 1-(Flesh n Bone)
(Buck Buck... my people) Shit, it's over, it's over (The public or whatever) If you sick of this shit (Grab your beer, pull out a fat one and get high. I get high all the time) If you sick of this shit, if you sick of this shit. I said, if you sick of this shit (yo' motherfuckers, leave) Fat ass bitch (The reefa leaf that is baby uh, THC, motherfuckers escape me) Gimme some of this shit to take me away (get me and my motherfuckin' Ot 6, 7 ot 6) I'm sick of this shit (I got niggas all over the globe hooked up, all up in this bitch tippin' this motherfucker over, understand me) Where all my thugs at? Me real ass niggas? Where ya'll at? (In the bay area my motherfuckin' real ass motherfuckin' niggas) It's time to load up our shit and retaliate in this bitch. Cleveland niggas all the way to Cali, all the way. (keepin' it real niggas) All the way around, and on to Amsterdamn (fuck all these holice) We goin' everywhere
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