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World So Cruel

Flesh N Bone

-Flesh n Bone-
Here I go, rollin' off with all Mo Thugs, Trues, still humbly united gathering souls, and bail/ Livin' life daily, y'all know we can plan, and still I can't stand it, feel I wanna self-destruct, but I don't wanna go to Hell/ Listen up well, as I tell 'em explicit, from all I've seen, envisioned, and the devil fiendin', catch us, and he schemin', but you find a way as I break up, repent, Amen/ We're born simple, we grow, lettin' all the wrong that goes on, fuckas on keepin' righteous homies/ Soldier where they hustlin', (No matter to me) same tone, sing along (Til you're locked out)/ God done have a safe place for my babies/ Don't want 'em brought up so crazy in a cruel world, already like Hades/ Gon' make Flesh break down, sigh and sigh, but fine, i'm high/ The niggas, I find were steady drowned at the bottom/ My mind, I try to stay kind/ Instead of blood spillin', live and let live, go love it or shove it/ Find the po po beatin' down your door one day to take you away and you won't see your birthday faces here no more, no more, killin' each other over jewels and shoes/ Shit, it ain't nothin' to lose/ Go get a job, pay dues, most fools do nothin', and I did my dirt and then pass in and out/ When he left, little Eazy, my mentor, came in, handin' over the shoes I go walkin' in, then he had to go die, bye, why would a cruel world take 'em, shit

Why, why, why are we livin' in a world, world, world so cruel?

-Reverend Run-
This reverend from heaven just makin' you feel 'bout these problems forgone, but nevertheless, I'm fresh with Flesh, the solution's begun/ Gotta get ya'll, hit ya'll, with y'all fellas, makin' dollars and sense, but the fact that whack rappers be jealous make this Reverend intense/ I'm flippin', I'm scriptin', I'm rippin' em down/ They be burnin' my church/ No lippin', I'm sippin', I'm tippin' my crown, gettin' worse in my verse/ Who got yo', macho, shot yo' kids, creepin up' on your crew?/ It's kinda hot, yo, got yo' Benz, boy, and that's how we do, but still I don't mind/ It's all designed by a mastermind at this time/ Just look at that welfare line and can't forget that black-on-black crime/ We livin' and driven and givin' 'em love, but what they do in our heart, but takin' and breakin' and fakin' them jacks, boy, ya tear 'em apart/ Just livin' in a world that's oh so cruel, that's tha tape in yo deck/ They take our money, rape our women, now come give you respect/ And I believe a lot of us shouldn't even condemn these rappers, because if nobody would've told me about God, the church folks would've been talkin' bad about me


-Flesh n Bone-
Think about the end, it's due/ Maybe 1999, then what will we do?/ We breakin', let it make a change fool, do somethin' else quick or it's over/ Escape all the traps in our community, flood with a masterplan to get rid of us/ See we got crack and all these diseases they make us immune, and ain't it ridiculous, look at us strugglin', hustlin', gotta make ends meet to pay my bills, gotta have plenty grub on the grill, stuffin till your tummy fillin', that's only for real though/ Still people feel me, so many of ya'll are diamonds in the rough sho' nuff, better know thus, when they get it better grip, tight hold of my brothas/ We're marchin soldjahs, and I told ya, and it showed deceivin' caught 'em on camera, some coppers got no love/ They see a thug comin' up, steady creepin', that's when they force him, or they leave him/ Just who the hell do we trust?/ Only the rounds that pull the gun and pop it/ The blacker together, millions gather strong, at last controllin' the mass, no more violence, gon' stop it/ We're to be prophets, and I'm proud been keepin my Lord's watchin'/ It's love when you think it's sin/ Wanna live by the sword?/ Gonna die, ash, ash to dust/ The dirt, and then pass in and out/ Well, atlast, Lil' Eazy, my mentor, came handin' over the shoes I go walkin' in, put us up on game, then he passed, what a cruel world take 'em, shit

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