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Love Ain't Love

Florence Ballard

Oh i could this love in my heart
A heart aint a heart until you share it
So come on, let me share it with you
Do all the things i've been longin' to

Oh a bell ain't a bell until you ring it
A song ain't a song until you sing it
Baby, life ain't life until you live it
& love ain't love until you give it, no no no

Ooo what good would it do me to dream of your kiss?
A kiss ain't a kiss until you feel it
So come on, let me kiss your lips
Light all aglow with the thrill i miss


Ooo what good would it do me to wish you were mine?
Mine ain't mine until i got it
So come on, tell me you'll be mine
Right now, babe, stop wastin' time

(repeat chorus & fade)
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