Stuck In The Middle

Four Year Strong

Call out all my demons
Tell them i won't take the fall
I'm sick of all these headaches
From banging my head against the wall
I wrap myself in cellophane
To blend in to the streets
And i won't tell where i'm
Hiding until the blood gets to my feet

So today i'm waking up to find
That all i held inside
Wasn't worth it

I'm living out my broken dreams
I'm flying with a crippled wing
And my life keeps on tearing at the seams
But i will fall until i find myself stuck in the middle

Till i'm stuck in the middle

I'm falling into circumstances
I cannot control
It's stomping out my politics and eating at my soul
I cough the dust out of my lungs
And spit it down drain
I reach inside my head and pull the cobwebs from my brain
Cross my heart and hope for the end
Look under the boards that are starting to bend
Loosen the rope slipping over my head
Either i'm free or i'm already dead

So take me over
Take me closer
Is it over?

Cross my heart and heart and hope for the end
Either i'm free or i'm already dead
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