We Do Not Come In Peace

Gemini Five

With no angels glow pouring out my system
Sister of mercy calling out my name
Speak the words you don´t wanna hear
Tell you thngs of my despair
Watch me fly on through the skies
I´ll set you free -c´mon!

We don´t care bout nothing
We don´t care bout anything
Feels so good just to be so bad to me
We don´t come in peace
Care bout nothing
You get love for something
First in line waht you get is waht you see

Turn your trix master your deception
Break your chains
Where the riot´s driving you wild
Liberation comes for free
Turn the page break next speed
Watch me fly on through the skies
Don´t care for me come on

This is the final call let it rock let it go
Come on come on
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