(I) Don't Go a Place

Girls Against Boys

yeah i'd invite ya back
i'd invite you all back
for a drink at my place
but I don't got a place

whatever cools you down
take a look around
whatever turns you on
take a look around

it's like I told ya
I don't got a place
I just don't got a place

(Nix nix nix)

I need some new trick
I need some new touch

(I don't think I understand
What? my momma's gone...
I don't know my momma's son)

I need some new slide
I need some new luck
it's like I told ya

how can I feed the kitty
how can I get up a party
how can I stay in touch
when I don't got a place

sleeping around
you got to smooth it down
the shag rug deluxe
take a look around
don't got a place
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