Burn, Witch Burn

Grave Robber

I think I know the evil that you do
When you're alone in your room
Maybe you're committing mortal sin
Well, I'll find out and destroy us from within

Burn witch, burn, whoah, oh, oh
Don't you know you deserve a speedy trial
Burn witch, burn, whoah, oh, oh
I the jury find you guilty by a mile

Of dirt on your hands and a mouth full of bile
So, burn witch, burn
The weak and wounded
Burnt at the stake

I'm fairy sure we must excommunicate you
I'm almost certain the cancer is you
The way you look, you must be poisonous
So, I'll hunt you down to save the rest of us

With a plank in my eye, I will see you die
For the wound that is the thorn in your side
You have done wrong, for that you must be hung
Shoot the wounded and bury the witch among the dung
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