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Don't Wanna Be

Gretchen (rock)

All the things you used to say
Color them in any way
You were always running around

All the things I used to know
Color them in Indigo
I don't want you bringing me down

Called me on the phone today
Told me to come right away
Said you wanted me by your side

Made me love you even more
Than I ever had before
You were taking me for a ride

You're watching, waiting for me
Desperately ignore the truth
I don't want to be with you
I don't wanna be with you
I don't want to be with you
I don't wanna be...

All the times you made me cry
Telling me another lie
I was just a part of your game

I won't take it anymore
Cause I'm stronger than before
Never going to hurt me again
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