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She's So Fly (I'm So High)

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Yea, remember back in the days man
when we used to just go to the club
And she's so fly (get your sway on)

You just might be the sexiest thing off in the club (off in the club)
And I'm just trying so damn hard to get you home (to get you home)
So why we play these silly games girl we both grown (girl we both grown)
I'm so addicted to you girl, you got me blown
And she's so fly

Girl what your name be? (Lisa, Kelly, Mary, Sue?)
What your game be? (playing me, I'm playing you)
And what your frame be? (36-24-42)
Can you blame be? (for wanna get with you)

Girl you know without (a doubt)
That you got me so (sprung out)
And I'm sitting in the (club)
Love the way you work it (out)
I'm just sipping on my (drank)
And been popping all me (X)
And the way you move it girl
I'm just thinking of your (sex)
Anytime I'm in the club (you can get just what you like)
Anything you wanna drink (just tell me what drink to buy)
I'm just trynna take you home
Maybe we can get gone
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday love

Take a lot to impress me cause i just bout might've seen them all
Petite, thick, skinny, short, small, athletic, and I done seen them tall
Weight aint even a factor, i take them heavy or (big boned)
yellow bone, red bone, brown skin, light skin, i take them (dark toned)
Cuz, it dont matter bout that
I'm stress free, I aint mad about jack [nothing,anything]
I'm sick and tired of seeing the same thing in the club, hold on, as a matter of fact
Lil mama in the middle of the dance floor
Started off fast, now she dance slow
Got everybody in a trance mode
But I got one thing that I need to know.

That Juke
That Juke
That Juke
Can you South Dade Juke? (juke, juke, juke, juke, juke)
Can you South Dade Juke? (juke, juke)
Can you South Dade Juke (juke, juke, juke)
Can you South Dade Juke and me South Dade?

And she's so fly

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