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Predictable Gathering

Hand To Hand

When I write, I suffer.
Sticks like a famous name, you can't pencil with paper stains.
Something has already clouded my judgment.
The price we pay for expensive faults.

It's all in me, to figure out this.

Everyday there is a dramatic story.
The price we pay for heavy thoughts.
Congestion holds all matter to novelty.

Pulling the back strings and the lines,
Changing the ordinary
The tension will find a way out.

The obvious can kill the moment.
So bury awkward thoughts.

With lasting images and perfect listeners, there is no limit to the shown.
Let's change the road we take.
Right turns that could be safer,
As long as we don't make a u turn mistake.
Home is draining me out.

If this offer expires, you'll find out.
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