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Best Days Of My Life

Heaven's Gate

Save us from all these fairytales
We're livin' in a land of fantasies
Give us all those dreams and hopes
Together we could find a way to be free

Put your heart into the fire
An eternal flame is waiting for you
Put your heart into the fire
The only one that lives in my view
Believing in the best days of my life

The days are passin' by and i'm driftin'
Through empty rooms
The rain keeps fallin' down, livin' in sorrow
I waited for so long to get an answer
You know it's true
And when the night comes down i wait for tomorrow

I know why you had gone away
Escaping from my heart
The chains of love
Were tearing us apart


A single word could change all the feelings
We're keeping in our hearts
We need another chance, never surrender
I fly with broken wings always searching
For a love not there
You're always on my mind
Now and forever

[bridge / chorus]

Could we ever stay away from here
Could you understand i wish you were here
You always need a helpin' hand
Someone walking through your life with you,
A real good friend

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