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Our Destiny


I've been hoping
the new dawning
may bring with it a peace
within our lives
Cause there's too many
little babies crying
To many soldiers on front lines
That's why i said..

Now that we look toward
our shoulders
(Maybe we'll find)
All we had is so much clearer
(We know to leave behind)
All of the things that
hold us back uh...
(Feel that we can)
How free we be to go on in
life...and fulfill our destiny

Grudges we ? only get us nowhere
Better to release and free
your mind
Well it's not too late
to write the wrongs that we made
Just think that tommorow limits
the sky

And it all seems so crazy
We rage war after war
seems we fight to we're no more...

Chorus x2

Just as long as
we pull together
We can make it

Chorus x4

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