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A Grant to te Wind

Hermit Age

Through the dimensional
Confusion of survive
I drink what remains
Of the autumn of life
Sleeping lives by the moon's lullaby
A grant to the wind

I am the sand that flies in the wet wind
Through sorrows of midnight
Where life gets weak
Transforming necks into chalices
Which are used only one time
Time when god bleeds
And the ashes of the moon
Break through our veins

I am the nightfall
Drying flesh thirsty for blood
I am the one that never existed
And had never died
Cry for me
Your abomination is my pleasure
Red tears
Empty of life

I am the vortex of the evil and the good
The darkness light that darken the soul
That once had lived
Through kisses and tears
Where furious eyes cry out
For peace and tranquility
The resting of the tired
And the crash of the reality

Crystalized words in
Most transparent ice
The eternal that dies
In the weeping of the stars

And waits to the end of the eternal
A grant to the wind

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