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Fear Of Witches


You hide what you don't wanna see
You're afraid of showing the truth
You flee from the judgment bonfire
Can't see it's me the one in the fire

Truth tears falling down
See what's behind a smile

Your fear of opening your eyes grows stronger
Your dreadmakes me laugh

Your guilty of killing me
Destroys you in every lit torch

Refrão I:
You fear of what I can observe
Don't you realize
What you make up becomes real

Your image fades before my own
The rage in your eyes amuses me

Why do people fear odd things?
Why they cannot see the secret in everything

What you can't sense
Is that everything you make up becomes real

That your mind is the one who
Creates the monsters you hate.

Refrão II:
You fear what I can observe
Can't you see!
What you create becomes real
Don't you understand you are afraid of me
So that, I have a gift for you
I make myself scary.

Refrão I
Refrão II

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