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Father And Son

Hildr Valkyrie

Into the battle they ride
Father and son
The wind both strike
Together they fight
Side by side

Their shields in hand
And swords alongside
They defend for the land
With honor and pride
Side by side

Fathers blood stands proud
And jangle hail to loud
Twisting around his blade
With rage and beastly hate
Proud by blood

Battle become so rough
And father left behind his son
Bound that his blood
Was able to be by his own
Proud by blood

Father turned his head around
Watching his son falling down
A sharpened blade stroked sons flesh
His blood was falling down dead
Farewell to thy son

Fathers pain was wide
He lost thy son by his side
This was his written fate
Walhall for him can't wait
Farewell to thy son

Both was invincible
Together was unbeatable
Along with the wind
Son was taken by a valkyrie
Farewell my son

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