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Heart Running

Hollywood Suicide

Keep your heart running
I wanna you feel life I'm
Driving on a road clone
In a trip without return/
The life is mine, I know what I'd heard
I'm not conceited, but I have a malicious look
I want the best drink tonight/ Tonight
I want to forget my glooms
You know when I
Want I break everything
I drink my whiskey/ I live my life with style
Tonight, I'll give you my money
Gonna unload in you, my delusion/
hen you efface of my bed
Honey I loved so many girls
None of then loved me
Don't wait/ kindness from my part
You can fell my motor running
Tonight, it's my show…yeah
You know I break everything
You know I don't have patience
You know I don't care about you
You know I 'm not your friend
You know I hold a lot of hate/ You know I find my way
Honey I'm my own lead!!!

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