Infernal Torment

I love my mother, she's so beautiful
She has a perfect body

Those huge soft breasts
But there is one big problem
I'm so jealous
I think she only likes my father
I fuckin' hate him

And when i stare through the peep-hole
And see my parents fuck
I can't stop crying, i'm so jealous

Suddenly i get an idea
I know it's the only thing to do
I'll have to kill my father and i will enjoy it

One day my mother's at work
I decide to do it
I go into the living room
And tell my father how much
I'm in love with my mother
He looks back at me scared
He spots the meat tenderizer in my hand
He knows i've come to kill him

He's stronger than i thought
But all i had to do was think of my mother
And the next thing i remember
Is my own father lying there
Blood flowing from the bone-crushed body

Suddenly my mum walks in the door
She doesn't even look surprised
She tells me how much she loves me
My cock now growing rapidly

I can't help it, she looks surprised
As she sees the size of my cock
She wants it now

Penetrating her blood-filled cunt was perfect
My mother now screaming: in delight
Fucking her unwashed ass was even better
My mother still screaming: this time in agony

As i see her huge swinging tits
My cock explodes, filling my mother's mouth
With a large portion of thick tasty cum
Mother, i love you
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