Baby Battering Bill

Infernal Torment

This is the story about old bill
He lived in the house on top of the hill
Every day he just sat in his chair
Thinking about how boring his life was

But this was soon to change
So bill ran into a playground
And stole one of the newborn babies

Bill hurried home,his cock growing
Droll dripping out of his mouth

The naked soft skin and that little penis
Would turn any man
Into a horny and brutal beast

The newborn baby's ass just waiting
To be penetrated by
Bill's old but brutal cock
The baby is crying,fuckin' horny
The ass beginning to bleed

Several positions are used
The pain intolerable,the blood now flowing
The tiny infant crying

Bill is laughing,the orgasm is closer
Bill pulling out his cock
Filling the baby's mouth with thick gum

The baby is about to be choked
But bill saves him
This is to be an agonizing death

Bill sees the bottle on the table
This gives him a great idea
He takes the bottle and shoves it up
The wildly screaming baby's ass

A procedure lasting about an hour
Bill really enjoying every minite
His cock soon ready again
For a brutal fuck
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