Take You On (feat. PhiloSofie)

James Mercy

I look at people and I wonder all day
Who are you when you are not the one in your way?
And then I think about myself in that state
I'm a pretty boss who gone melt your brainwaves

I'm freak in the sheets, but I got class
I'ma grab an ass if you want it
Best you ever had
Give it to you mad, oh

I'm the girl that they don't talk about
Quiet with a big mouth
Listen for the doubt, then call it

Make you out for what you say to me
Look at every single deed
If you got what I need then, oh

I'll take you on like a big deal
Legs you can unseal, key in ignition
Just keep me full like I had a meal
Once in a while, feel on my light

I know you like it
Can't fight it
I'ma let you ride the wave

I'm New York and you're LA
Come together, feel the shockwaves, ah
(Shockwaves, yeah)
(Shockwaves, yeah)
(Shockwaves, yeah)
(Shockwaves, yeah)
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