Don't Stop

Jamie Jones

Jada is caught
In a Charlotte's web
Still can't believe
She laid down with him
She feels hopeless
With no one to turn to
With two mouths

She never thought
It would be this way
Still in her dreams
There's a better day
But it's hard
When she's struggling
And feelin'
It all slip away

Jada I can see how
You're hurting
And your eyes
They tell of a story
Filled with
Drama and pain
And you feel
You're to blame
But you're not
So don't stop

Don't stop believing
Don't stop now
Don't stop
For nothing at all

Jay was the first
She brought in this world
Now there's Mom him
And 3 younger girls
He is the only man
That the house ever knew

Jay I see
What you're doing
Tryin to do
The best that you can
Working 2 jobs
And school
Your friends say
You're a fool
But you're not
So don't stop


These are the stories
Of people you know
Boy's and girls
Round the world
It don't matter
Whether or not
We are of the same
Faith, creed or race
We gotta keep
On pushin' on

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