Hanky Panky

Jenny Rom

We're gonna rock.....and never stop
'Bon to the Bon" we need to go
Jump to the floor.....and say eih eih
"Bon to the Bon" just move and play

Lovely bodies, muscle men
Here we go...and go again
"Bon to the Bon" just make your day
"Bon to the Bon" for better wats

(now com'on babe)

Now let your body to follow your soul
Everytime you'll be right
Rockin' the groove, beat and dance on the floor
And never stop.....

(Yeah boys!!!)

It's time to feel the hot stuff
We won't surrender
Crazy whispers
Lovely lovely days

We gotta monkey funky
And hanky panky
Lovely lovely lovely lovely
"This is the way"

We're gonna shake......and never stop
"Bon to the Bon"...electric shock!!
Dance to the hit...and say okay
"Bon to the Bon"...into your brain
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