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Ika Uka

Jenny Rom

Hey baby
tell me where your coming from
don't feel in blue
when your dreams come true


Bang to bang my baby
Spank to spank oh daddy
Tell me where you're coming from
Don't feel in blue
Cause I will be close to you
And all your dreams come true
You'll feel allright, You You

Bang to bang oh baby
Dance to dance my daddy
Come on boy and take my hand
I'll take your time
Together feeling so fine
Oh what a thrilling,
don't open your eyes

Caribbean sunny islands
everywhere is quite and silent
everything is supernatural
a golden place
Or you can get the fever
for the mountains for the rivers
everywhere you're feelin right!!
Come on baby

"Ika Uka Oka Oka eehh"
Together "Jambo Kalalambo"
Locked in my head....sing!!!!!
"Ika Uka Oka Oka eehh"
You play this gimmik hand by hand
And everything you'll have!!!!

Chip to chip my baby
Move your feet oh daddy
That's all fun in crazy land
A magic song
A ringin' red carrillon
is playing the game of love
It'll never end, You You

Honky Donky baby
Don't feel funky daddy
I will always be with you
Just take my hand
A what a magical land
A kind of feeling
don't open your eyes
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