Don't Go Out Tonight

John Wetton

'M the last man standing when I'm out on the town
But now I'm looking over my shoulder
I'm a dead man walking with one hand in the game
And my feet are getting colder and colder
Don't go, don't go
My mind is racing, there's a war going on
In my head the words of wisdom are ringing...
You say: Ooh, don't go out tonight,
Just stay home and watch some tv
Ooh, don't go out tonight,
Face the music, take it easy...
Well, I can't stop thinking I'm the star of the show
I'm the life and soul of the party
Yes, it's all plain sailing when there's people around
But alone, it seems I never get started
Don't go, don't go
It's a fine line now between the wrong and the right
And the path to the light is unending
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