Don't Wanna Let You Down

Josh Pyke

We shift in our bones
At our seams

We’re not what we were
Nor are we what we’re going to be
So where does that leave us right now
Except gloriously unaware of how this will turn out

I’ll be careful with you
If you leave your light on for me
My wandering heart
Is freer in your proximity
And if you can’t rely on me
Then that makes me exactly half the man
That I’d like to be

And I don’t wanna let you down
No I don’t wanna let you down
So I’m gonna buy you a house and a dog
And I’ll try to stick around / we’re gonna settle down

Sometimes I fear
We are all but corks on the sea
Sinking by increments
Or pulled by invisible tides constantly
But, if our minds can be made up things
Then that’s what separates us
From that frightening entropy

And I’ve tried empathy
Some crows get the better of me
With my eyes to the sky
Sometimes I feel like flying from here
But I’d walk on broken glass
Just to hold onto some sense
Of my own certainty

Hold your moments
Keep them in your pockets now
When it’s the hours
That begin to feel like years
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