7 Year Itch

Joy Denalane

This must be our 7 year itch
There's so much we need to renew
All the changes we've been through
We've got to strengthen every stitch
Our problems are more than a few
But above all you know i love you
Remember it was such a beautiful day
When suddenly you came to me
And loving you set me free
Singin along as the music played
Feeling every word that mary sang
And i knew that you were my sweet thing

Mary sing a song for me
Remind us love is all we need
You can help us steal away
So i can tell him that i'm here to stay

Now we've got to straighten this out
It's like we went from love at first sight
To fighting almost every night
This thing has turned into a drought
But it's nothing that we can't make right
Cause i know i, i need you in my life
It's obvious we're both to blame
I know it's hard to share my world sometimes
Why do we put love on the line
We can't keep playing all these crazy games
With you it's always not today
So baby, this is all that i can say


I don't see myself with no one else
But i can't take this drama no more
If you look deep inside yourself
You'll see it's easy just to give me you
Been willing and waiting for a long long time
Now i feel like i'm going down
This family affair is on my mind
Memories of a love so true, ohhh

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