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Love (feat. Kalan Porter)

Kelly Clarkson

love is the most
greatest gift of all.
but alot of you take for
granted but if you all
knew what meant here
we go.....

Chorus: (both)
Love is the greatest of all
Love is when you lve somebody
Love is when feel the love inside when
around that certain person Love Lalala
Love lalala ohhh Love.

I don't know what it is
I feel when I'm around you
girl could please let me know
wooo ohhh.

I feel the same way about
you boy and I don't what to
do so could oh could you

Please tell me Now. woo ohh


I now know what I'm feeling
for you now we let show.

I know I have love
for you boy and I hope
you have the same for me

I do have love for you GIRL

oooh wooh

Ohhh Love


I love you now ohhhh
I love you know

ohh you love me

I love you know


[Repeat Chorus Till Fade]
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