Hell's Fire


You will come with me in to everlasting fire
as it burns and you turn as the knife runs along your skull,
the torture and the torment the erotic crucifixions,
you are slaughtered at the altar with unconditional love, reflections of your past bring across dreams of mirrors,

cracking and condemning ,
distorting you flesh

The thought lies behind you of past lives and loves,
but there is no return to your god above.
Listen to me now I am you and that is how,
I will rape you of your sanity,
and then you'll bow to me,
I know your sins of past lives,
and what I can be.

A simple sinful compromise your memory erase,
you'll see things through my eyes in return for your disgrace.
I have the power you lack control, you lack the vision for I am the source,
I am the darkness,
know me well,
count your breaths.
We're going to HELL!
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