Freeze My Senses

Lionel Neykov

Your eyes
Have more power
Than vampires
You bit my mouth
And then left me
On the floor shivering
And aching for more

Your smile is more
Than reptiles
You shot your poison
In my skin
And now
I can't get you
Out of my mind

Help me babe
I got a hole
In my heart
My head is spinning
I feel so high
Release me darling
From this pain
In my side
And please
Freeze my senses
With your kiss

Your lips
More addictive
Than sugar sticks
Take me dizzy
And so light
I could fly
I think my brain
Has melted down


So there
Now that you know
That I care for you
Be fair
Cos I'm a fool
In despair
And you
Got your hands
Round my neck

(Chorus 2x)
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