Breakfest for the Dusk

Lunae Nocturna

Eyes wide open mind tired of sleeîng
Was it just a dream ? I'm walking again but reaching the end
Horrors in mind, remembering the fight in that gloomy day gloved of clouds
All fell in dust, all disappearin the wind
All we are now : just runaways fighting for life
Around bloody faces
Death and her last embraces
What is real is our fear
Around just worms and our mind is hurt
No wings to fly time
Nowhere to find a living is dead
Last moon has been stolen
I remember the old times
Sand covered by wine and as if I've trace my mind I felt the Beast inside
Last moon has been stolen And sun is now rotten
Moonlight covers my face
Death's face rising again, anger flowing in my veins,
Shadows I am running in vain... And they reborn
Light is calling me, I'm dying
You'll keep on fighting for me

See...Seee me in hell or in heaven
Today it's dead Evil our death TWILIGHT IN HIS FURIOUS EYES... DIE !!!
Running going more and more insane

Despesrate... flashed my eyes... go insane till I die
Hide ourselves, mute our screams

Dusk is here... Bloody breakfast...
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