Enjoy The Ride


Walk out, i am feeling pretty,
Have fun, summer in the city.
Any rime i can find a riddle,
Any season i can find a reason.
For once enjoy the ride.

All the eyes i can find inviting,
All the boys i can find attractive.
You look fine, there's nothing to worry,
Take your time, baby ther's no hurry.
For once just enjoy the ride.

I'll pretend i don't know you're looking,
I'll invent everything we shouldn't say.
But baby, hush, all the city is slleping.
And baby, rush, this is time we're stealing.
For once just enjoy the ride.

Look down, my skirt is short,
High heels gonna make you want me,
I'm gonna laugh, i'm gonna to dance.
I'm gonna enjoy the ride.
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