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A Perfect Party


Fireworks that spread blood everywhere
Justice always prevails in the end
Do not hide
The truth about you

The villains have their own opinion about the good, as you
He thinks he's right like the heroes, so do not hate him
The eternity
Is it that good?
Should I try to seek the unknown?
Tonight we should try to forget these important things

Everyone should try to kill themselves, after all we are at a party
Do not hide
The truth that always hides

Is there something that always bugs you, and you want to kill him?
Does your heart always say it's wrong and you should not do it?
Our life
It's so annoying
We should try to enjoy it
So tonight we will enjoy it so much that it will disappear

Everyone should kill each other, after all we are in a fun party
Do not hide
The truth that always hides

Always trying to make life and eternity meet
We had fun at death as in a park
Do not hesitate

A large firework burst

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