God Loves Me

Melissa Mcclelland

On the skirts of my hometown
Where the Brackenrig Creek runs
All the locals spend their Sundays
Polishing their guns

When the main street lights come up
Godspeed if you ain't home
You'll be drowning in the moon
You'll be shining bright as chrome

God loves me

Homesick Josephine
She's been flirting with the law
He's got his hand right up her skirt
All the way to Arkansas

Make way for little Sam
He's gonna make himself at home
Where the fire escape is broke
And the girls are out on loan

God loves me
God loves me

Now there's a bruiser in the lot
And he's barking up some tree
'Cause she's the prettiest girl around
She's got them lining up til three

But don't you ever fall in love
With a girl who works the clock
If you dare to carry on
She'll leave you howling in the lot

God loves me
God loves me
God loves me
God loves me
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