The Art of Pretending


Once they asked me "What can you do?"
And I knew I
was screwed
I said "I haven't got a clue"
Nothing has been the same since then
I came up with a plan.
Still can't do a thing
But I can pretend

So I
dance like I'm Ginger
And walk like I'm tall
And I hope no one sees any
difference at all
And I sing like I'm Ella
And write like I'm smart
Hoping n nobody knows I'm just playing a part

It isn't a safe plan at all
But I'll
rise from the falls
I will shoot like I'm a cannonball
I'm insecure
As I can be
But I can do it all
Not being me

And I draw like I'm Pablo
And talk like I'm Freud
Always praying to God no one knows I'm a fraud
And I act like
I'm Audrey and smile like a miss
Hoping nobody thinks "she's not pretty like
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