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Forever The Unknown


So low to fall
Deny, your time has come and gone
You live in defeat in the shadows
Too scared to face the light
The darkness inside
The hiding from the lies

Hide yourself away
Hide yourself in shame
Hide yourself away

In your dreams, your screams
With the winds they are carried to me
The king of nothing
Forever to be the unknown

So high to fly, now fall
You never want to see
That even the sky has a limit
And now that you're betrayed
The darkness inside
No more hiding from the lies

Try to hide the shame
Try to hide the pain
Try to hide the shame

As your bloodline falls
As your failure calls
Who will you betray?
When it's judgment day
No retaliation
Only termination
You'll never see another day
As you decay
In your grave
All of your legions you've betrayed
Never forgive
When redemption calls
You'll never see no peace at all

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