Trick Of The Wrist

Michael Monroe

I had a nasty habit
It didn't work for me
I shook it off like an apple shaken out of a tree
I used to spend the good times
On cheap company
Now i get all my energy for free

Now people tell me i ain't ageing
I'm keeping thin and my looks ain't fading
I take life and i ain't wasting time on no man

Like a trick of the wrist
Trick of the wrist

I used to live on the dark side
I used to tow the line
Now i don't give the negative my time
I used to sleep in the daytime
If i was even able to close my eyes
Now i let reality get me high.

I used to burn all my cash gettin' wasted
Now i'm eternally fascinated
Check out the razzamanazz in place
There ain't no persuading

There's just a trick of the wrist
Trick of the wrist

I caught a buzz off a morning breaking
I take the trip that the music's taking
I'm on my feet and my heart is racing
Ain't no mystery

It's just a trick of the wrist
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