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His master's voice

Monsters Of Folk

Mohammed rolling dice with christ at twilight
and they hear their master's voice
they run to do their chores
at master's calling
their job tonite: re-write the bible
for a whole new generation of non-believers

the pastor screams out to the crowd:
"there's evil that must be put down!"
and it touches the soldier boy
he heeds his master's voice
his life is calling
sweet soldier boy, the speaker is bleeding
he hears his master's voice, do you hear your master's voice?
calling like the lady siren's call

sweet soldier quiet- just staring at the ceiling
and he hears his master's voice
he hears the call to war
the siren's singing
out on the line- there's something that strikes his side
and he sees his inner child… he hears his mother's voice
softly calling
spirit soldiers mother hovers… she holds up a paper cup
and the sound of life and love fills her ear

you're only gonna hear what you want to hear
do you hear your master's voice now?

mohammed and christ speak twice as nice
but the one that i like best- he sings inside my chest
i hear my master's voice now
calling out.. calling out.. calling out… calling out
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