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Morgana Lefay

Here I am seven centuries away
From the discovery
That led this way
My eyes can testify to miracles
You wont believe the things I've seen
In my immortal life
I see the truth behind every lie
And I sense who shall live
And who shall die
The knowledge of the blind humanity
Where insanity controls the world - I weep

Open up your eyes
Knowing just as I

You are blind

The room bulges and every atom is pulsating.
The hollow sound of a wind chime rings pleasantly
In the distance. my fear is gone and a feeling of
Calm is spreading through my body.

Your chime
Is calling
I'm coming
I'm yours
Oh, time

Matters to me anymore
I am harvested by the scythe of time
I'm not the virus that I where before
Time will heal all wounds - I'm sure

Its ascending, descending course
Strikes with out remorse
Finally it finds
The scythe of time hits blind

You are blind
Time strikes blind

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