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Musiq Soulchild

verse 1:
So many things i've got to tell you
But i'm afraid i don't know how
Cause there's a possibility
You'll look at me differently
Ever since the first moment i spoke your name
From then on i knew that by you being in my life
Things were destined to change cause

So many people use your name in vain
Those have faith in you sometimes go astray
Through all the ups and downs the joy and hurt
For better or worse i still will choose you first

Verse 2:
Many days i've longed for you
Wanting you
Hoping for the chance to get to know you
Longing for your kiss
For your touch, your feel, your essence
Many nights i've cried from the things you do
Felt like i could die from the thought of losing you
I know that you're real
With no doubts and no fears
And no questions


Verse 3:
At first you didn't mean that much to me
But now i know that you're all i need
The world looks so brand new to me
Now that i found love
Everyday i live for you
And everything that i do
I do it for you
What i say is how i feel so believe it's true
You got to know i'm true

(hook x 2)
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