Oh! Shit It's Monday Again


Melted my brain over the weekend
Had one drink after another
So many girls over thw weekend
Yeah they kicked me one after another
But then i hear the bells
Ringing inside my fucking head
The alarm always tells
It's over and you'd rather be dead
Another week, another hell
Another wasted night
Oh shit it's monday
It's monday again...
Go to the bathroom and throw up
Now i'm ready for breakfast
Go to the kitchen and spill the milk
All over the floor and myself
What a fucking morning
You can tell what day it is
It's giving you the warning
Your cereal tastes like shit
See the roaches over the sink
They are laughing at your face
See the neighbors stare at you
They are staring at your disgrace
And then you catch the bus
So fucking crowded it stinks
It just reminds you
Forgot to brush your teeth
Another week's just another hell (4x)
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