Be Well, John Spartan

My Hero Is Me

Hiding from night to day, this will pass and soon youll be in the clear
soon is a lot further off than you expect

backtrack to the point of when your home the ship was god, and you took the notes that will mark you
for your death decribe to us in simple words how it felt to watch and learn as these experiements became
more real than you and me

are vantrilaquists

trance set in to leave, the colored display of what fell, into the ocean night, but the movement of waves
with the movement of my wrists blended just right to make you pay attention over and over and over again, with 24 hours in a day,
I set aside 23 of them tearing into you

with this promise comes disregard for lack of a better murder

wake up in the sand, its the only friend you got
the secrets have been burned
your family is lost or worse dead

bet you thought theyd let you go
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