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You Will Never Know


Empty smiles at twilight
No more desguise to cover me
The morning rise to light my blame
I wake and see

Live one thousand lives
The autumn rain has found it´s blessings
Read one thousand lines
The empty square, my name!

Nothing there for me, i wake and see!
Nothing there for me, i wake and see!

(fear the lord)
You´ll turn your back
You´ll change your ways
Beyond your trace, you´ll find there´s nothing!
I´ll summon back, you´ll burn in shame
I know you´ll never know, your god is a lie (alive?)

Forsaken mind, but strong inside
Life is changing your christ, deadly seeds in your tries
Are you struggling with your extreme life?

I´ll drain my pain
Strenght: my pain

Will turn your back?
Will change your ways?
Beyond his grace (beyond disgrace)
Oh, how you´ll find there´s nothing!

Walk on proper paths my son, i wake and see!

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