Late Night Hunter

Nick Styles

Late night, close to daylight, I m a vampire tonight I´ve got
To get somewhere and stay there

Taxi friend where are you from
Take me to the bright end of the street and put your foot on,
He told me, you´ve lost your memories, I said just take this cash
And keep the change when you land me, so long, I said so long, late night

I saw a drug feign and I got seen by the last sign of human life
In is eyes, got fizz, come with, the morning s young I know
But the night is old enough to know you
He said where do we go to, said the casino
Late night

Roll the dice; give me a kiss for luck,
If it's more than ten
We´ll go home and be with each other and then sweet queen,
Be your king; get the ace of spades if you get it
Then you´ve got it made, have you got it made

Late night, close to daylight
I m a vampire tonight
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