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Perishing Mankind

you've got pain
i've got noise
you've got rain
where I've got sun

take the sorrows of the world and load them on your shoulder
it will kill you like a boulder won't you
cry anymore on my shoulder

it will haunt you through your life it will cut you like a knife
i won't bother anymore
i'll see you crawling on the blood spilled floor

i'll see you spilling tears for others
this time I won't bother
with or without you that's the only choice for me
with or without you just how I want to be

crying in the night
pain and sorrow
for thousands

calling out for help
mine you won't get
deserted and misunderstood
never ever thinking of any good

i've got hope
i've got faith
i am optimistic

horror and terror
rule our world
war and hatred
will seize this earth

i see it every day I know how this ends
you see it every day you know how this ends

life live as best as it gets

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