Beyond the Ethereal Spheres of Nocturnal Domain

Perpetual Dusk

As the euphonious sound rapes the silence
The flexuous labyrinth of wickedness
Closes into the unholy direction
Of the Scorned children from our malignous war
Reflecting the majestically enthroned
Deepness of her sexuality

The extirpation of the race
That believes in the of the Golgotha suffering
Will be made through the hands
Of those who can walk
Upon the dead and the living
At the mountains of moodiness
Lies the extrinsically lighted
Beyond the ethereal spheres of nocturnal domain

Through the Angels that touch the human sin
Thy orgastic pleasure will be turned
Into blood and pain
To be slave of the one who will
Reign before the life
To sleep forever
In the nightmare of the infernal daughter

When the movement searched the earth
The coldness of the infinite forest
Made they walk forever
Seeking the embrace of the nocturnal domain
Flying on the black wings of the extinction horde

Centuries of agony and pain
Awoke by the voice of our queen
Who gave him the eternal and the unlimited cruelty
The knowledge and the violence

Empty feelings and ways
Traced with lost words inside time
Misleading the thoughts
Of the unaccomplished immortal one
Trying to distort the unchangeable destiny
To leave the lights and cloak
Into the penumbral land

As his flesh burns upon the lights
She took his soul completely
To be the eternal companion
To suffer forever the eternal ones' fate
Beyond the ethereal spheres of nocturnal domain
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