Big Fight

Phoebe Killdeer and the Short Straws

Sweet tooth and laddy
And bones and me
Sitting by the old cemetary
Smoky came join us
And told us how
The Square was quiet
And noone would
Witness a big fight
Cool cat
Small time rat
Killed the pack
And we're off rat-tat-tat

Down the alley way
Passed Freddy's roulette
Such a dangerous game
To place a bet
Well swing a left now
Through this shady street
The square 's dark and dull
It's time to shuffle your feet
Well come flirt with death
I'll give you a shot
Come and see how sharp
Each one of my blades is

A flicker of dim light
Shows smotth silk shadows
Quick Jones and loose Jim's are waiting
They're ready to shoe shine this city town

Place your bets
I said place your bets
See I got sweet wine and small pets
I got ice cream and cigarettes
There's gonna be a big fight tonight
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