Riot On a Deadend Street

Pocket Rocket

Watch out the house is on fire
Someone is cutting the wires
There is a central desire
There is a central desire
The anger is rising on top and
There is no way to get stopped and
Watch out is on fire
And it gets higher

There's a riot on a deadend street
Riot come and get what you need
Don't deny it now that you have to bleed
Riot tonight
And i wont be afraid of the dark
Cause it's too late and i dont know
What i'll get what i'll get

Watch out the street is on fire
The will for fighting required
Stand up and burn the liar
Stay strong he's not worth beeing admired
You caused that we had to suffer
In the past but now we are tougher
We'll be remembered forever
Cause we're standing together

How long can we wait
Before it's too late
To end all the hate on the street
Til' we get what we need
What we need
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