Convinced I'm Wrong

Polar Bear Club

Don't try and sound right, just hope your honest
Trust you'll end up somewhere
That girl that made you promise
She says: Try not to care

I don't know if I'm good, and everyone knows it
You ever feel you were meant to be alone?
Because I saw a play and and a character said
That he was destined to never feel at home

Don't go tonight, I'm looking for salt in a snow globe
Because what I had is slipping fast
Dr. Howe, Please call back
I'm not sleeping in, I don't care

I'm singing loud but no one hears
I'll wake up tomorrow and still feel wrong for these days
What I had is slipping fast
Dr. Howe Please call me back

What good am I to anyone like this?
It's been a hard couple months I'll admit
After tonight I'm not so convinced that I'm wrong
I feel at ease with my lows, and I'll take it

Lord knows I'll take it
Tonight they're explainable, far from extraneous
Always expectant
I seldom discover or turn flaws into questions

Great questions of the times
I guess I'm an artist whose confines
Brought him luck choked by second guessing
I know that's not enough
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