Don't Go

Rae Morris

I keep on hoping that we'll find
Another reason to compromise
But this time we'll break down inside

I keep on staring to the past
And all those feelings we compromised,
And this time i'll break down inside.

Don't go,
Don't feel like you have to,
Only if you want to,
Fill my world with hope again, hope again,
Sometimes people make the wrong moves,
Walking in the wrong shoes,
Make me feel like hope again, hope again.

I'll keep on changing mile by mile,
And all the answers are hard to find,
And this time we'll go hand from hand.

I'll sehd some sorrow, shed some sin.
I hate this state we're in,
And this time i'll break down inside.

Sunshines slowly and falls from your mind
Hope dies slowly, falls from your eyes.
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