Story Without a Happy End


Caught in the middle of something he can't escape
Falling appart now and he's vanishing slowly into a
Story without a happy end
Kiss him goodbye and watch him
Now bring me down just bring me down
I have had it with your betrayal
I'll sort it out just sort it out
Bringing all the facts at the table
You see the fire
The way i give
Whatever you may pray to live for
I'll bring you higher
Teach you too fly
Just to cut off your wings in the end
Drowning so quiet without regret although he knows that
He's loosing this inevitable fight in the...
Now as the the carpet silent falls
There is no place to hide
I listen to the core of life alone
And by the gath you gave to me
I should realise
That every thorm belongs in someones heart
And it's mine - this time
But i feel... nothing
So i fake - the rest
And regret... nothing
I'll find a way
And praise the day
I'll end it all
And fool eternity
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