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Fuck Off!


Fuck off

Fuck you!
Fuck you society
And your damned concepts.
Fuck you job,
Cause the more i do, less i'm appraised
Fuck you rich
That fells untouchable.
Fuck you politics
Your pigs, stealing and laughing on people
Fuck off! fuck off! fuck off!
Fuck the eyes around me
That judge me crazy
Cause of my way of thinking.
Fuck you bad cops
That sells themselves for propine
Fuck you bad people
Your arrogant pieces of shit
Fuck off! fuck off! fuck off!
Fuck you life,
When everything goes wrong
Fuck you death,
That take away who we love
Fuck you "friends"
They are never around
When i need them.
Fuck you war
Who kill and soul sale
Fuck off! fuck off! fuck off!
Fuck you thousand of matters
That i would be able to tell.
Fuck you my day
Of anguish and hate
Fuck you and the world
If the shoe fit
For thinking this words are too aggressive.
Fuck off! fuck off! fuck off!

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