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Richard Wright

I can take or leave it, won't be the woebegone
Don't need a model universe to hang your pictures on
You hide somewhere, you die somewhere
And then this senseless thought
By hating more you're feeling more
And that's how you get caught.

They're never going to make it easy
Of this you can be sure
I greet you from your wilderness
I'll stay inside your door

There is no cage or prison, they have no fence too tall
You die more times than anyone, there's still no place to fall

They're never going to keep it easy
This comes down from above
I have no helm, no secret realm
I dream to be at the heart of love, a part of love

I bet you can conceal it, but that's just a dead-end track
I'll cover you like the driven snow and then I'll bring you back
You'll see! you feel like, you feel like a banner
Unfurled and gently blown
And there before your opening eyes
The self you've never known

They're never going to make it easy
Of this you can be sure
You feel untied, beatified
And loved for evermore
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